Interpretations of Latin Wedding Symbols

There are many methods to honor and make the event meaningful, whether you’re marrying a Spanish American or Caribbean man or woman, or just want to combine some of these customs into your big time. These cherished elements will give your bride a personal touch and give guests a glimpse into your lifestyle from the delivery of a trust lantern to the arras ceremony.

What about the other” somethings”? Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue are all common pieces of a traditional bridal ensemble. For instance, in old Rome, a princess’s shroud was frequently made of myrtle or thyme branches, which were thought to be aphrodisiac. Additionally, these ingredients served as a shield against bad spirits in addition to their value.

Similar to how a bride-to-be’s reims was typically held in place by 13 golden coins, which embodied the bride’s guarantee to provide for her. After the chapel or civil ceremony, the wedding accepted the arras as a sign of her ecuadorian girls cohesion. She was brought it to her by her soon-to-be spouse.

Padrinos and Madrinas ( roughly translated as godparents ) are the traditional names for many couples who do n’t have best men or maid of honors. These unique individuals play a significant role in the child’s livelihoods, and they are accountable for assisting them in purchasing the necessary items for their bridal time. They even take part in the Lazo ceremony, a custom that wraps a whitened cord around the brides’ necks to represent their commitment and love.

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